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Will be glad when the semester is finished. I have really great grades right now, better than expected considering the subjects are not my favorite. Next semester will be much more entertaining as I get to take Calculus/Business Enterprise/Political Gov./Public Speaking. Well, maybe not public speaking, but I have to have the darn thing.  So, got any tips, email me. You guys know I am the shy type, and my mother was like, um.didn't you perform the (Gnostic) Mass? Well, yes, but that was with folks I knew... LOL. Ohh... those were the days, no less... *sigh*

Work, Ok, so right now it is work preparing for Fet Gede, this week I hope is better business, I need the distraction. It's the three year anniversary of my best friend's death/ 1 year anniversary of my father's. This will always be since the timing of both deaths is just days prior to the Feast of honoring the Dead and the ancestors. I look forward to this time of the year, though, it's my favorite, and just to know that Fet Gede, I get to rejoice, celebrate and dance with them once again! Augmn Gede!