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One: I am in the end of week 3 of my courses (have I learned anything? ummm. possibly)
Two: Got a real good lead on a shop in England, he's expressed today that we will do great
business together.
Three: My mother is flying to Costa Rica next week to undergo surgery.
Four: My ex girl had her first baby last month, which is real weird, cause although
she's real sweet and a lover, I never pictured her as maternal, but it's likely because she has been
kinda the tomcat when we were hanging out on a regular basis... uh hmm...
Five: Fill in the _________ <---- here
Six: Stalkers up to no good AGAIN...
Seven: I am SERIOUSLY putting down the juju on that bitch. (see Six)
Eight: Home life is 98percent rockin'
Nine: Other 2percent, I miss my middle baby, haven't seen him all week, so he's going to stay home the
next two weekends, and Greg comes home everynight whining "where's my Tristan"... It might be too much
for him, but we gotta do what is best for his education, I can't let my baby be corrupted by these no good punks
at this school over here. He's happy with the new relocate and the new school, and he's playing Violin! Whoohoo!
Ten: I don't have one of those, nine's sounds good.


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Sep. 5th, 2008 04:21 pm (UTC)
Glad to see you back on my F-list!
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