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Aug. 7th, 2008

Wish me luck on my new and continuing journey to my FREEDOM! Ha..HA!
I just got registered back into school after 12 long years, of well, raising a family and a husband (although Belly is still just almost three, but hell, Speros is in 10th grade now and well, T-man is starting middle school, so it's my turn). After many months of jumping through fire hoops, I was officially able to register today. Hopefully, though, Financial Aid pulls through their part, updates their system just as quickly as the school did, and pays the freaking tuition... Regardless... I was able to get my old transcripts, not have to take any placement tests since I had already started the Cores years back, made it through some Algebra and two English classes, and some other required courses, yada yada... So, Yea, fun stuff, big changes, and I will be able to complete the Ass. in Biology online with the additional Forensics/Criminal Justice, all online! Whoo hoo! I don't know what happens when I transfer afterwards to UGA for the Masters in Dietetics, but I will tackle that when it gets closer.
Ok, so I am off to do my Mommy Dance (as T-man puts it... :) ).

Point Chaud/Arabia Mountain

A snipet of the magicians doing the Great Work...

Breakfast on Pluto

Took me 4 hours to watch it, but I made it through it. It was a good one. Watch it.
Breakfast on Pluto.
If you like drags as much as I do... that is. lol.

Down for the count of uhhh... 4?

So I believe I am on day number 4 with this whoosy whining pain in arm that I can't sleep on or lift even with a dose of 6 motrin... I am no stranger to pain, mind you, this is more of an inconvience and was truely unexpected and unprepared for...

Recommended Movie...

Lucinda's Spell

I hope to show a viewing of this Saturday Night...

Auctions/Ebay Store

I have put a few things from my Hoodoo/Vodou Botanica to Auction, http://stores.ebay.com/Vescha-Magickal-and-Spiritual Including Erzuli Dantor 4 oz liquid bath (made from the new supplier of goats milk base),Read more...Collapse )

Pictures after Enochian...

I stole these from k_navit... Read more...Collapse )

Damn why are you so slow...

I wish that these orders of supplies would come in before I get back logged with everything else. Here I have a free week without two kids, and I am trying to get as much listed to the Shop before they get home Sunday, and before school starts for me. I have no idea what to expect in regards to school, and I don't even know how many classes I am taking yet. I am beginning to wonder if it's such a good idea to even start this semester, because everytime I give the school what they need, they come back with some other gibberish nonsense of what else I need for them or deadlines, yadayada. I called them today, and they rambled on about some thing, when I was just wanting to know if I can skip the immunization update because I will be taking online classes. Ok whatever... And they make it difficult to even come down and sign anything they ask because the campus in Lawrenceville has closed, so where do I see a freaking advisor about what classes to register for? Ugh... I need to ask about the deadline again. They confuse the hell out of me, or I confused them...

New Hoodoo Formula’s/Spells/Charms


Did I fail to mention that I have uploaded several Hoodoo Powders, Oils, Candles, Spells, Charms, etc.?

I am also now offering a liquid Castile version of my bath soaps, these I will be uploading as I prepare more formula's. Some of the conditions I will be creating will be for Uncrossing, Love Drawing, Money Drawing, etc.

I am also in the process of making some Saint's Candles for Guede and Legba. These will be done in a few days.

And then I will have another Vodou Bottle and Altar Devotional pieces added later in the week. 


Respects to the Ancestors,

Rev. Vescha.Sur