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bout damn time

I'm in one of those moods again this year.

The Good's=
Final exam extended till Monday
Completed one final already
Third final will be a breeze
Greg is cheery for the holidays
Got approved for a student loan so I can take classes in summer too
Changed my major to Criminal Justice so I can take Forensics/Genetic classes first
Will have an Associates in Criminal Justice Spring 2010
Will be able to get the Associates in Biology Spring 2011
Taking Consecration Dec. 20th with Greg there, being supportive(!)
Building a new bedroom on the house for the 15 year old
Business picking up Outside of Ebay slowly...
Cat didn't eat Christmas Tree
Hair stylist got the rest of the wierd yellow tint out and we are back platinum
Mrs. Amaretto Syn and I have become BFF
Both Boys are being rezoned to new schools next year... That's right, Central, Up yours, you can have all the crack head kids. LOL.
We live around the 1/2 million dollar homes now and it's making our home value rise. whhooo. hoo... can't wait to sell and get some land

The Bad=
Will make only a C in history class
Building the new room is going slower than wanted
Missing Dad and Jayne Correll
15 year old has become logically sarcastic like Greg... lol. Ok, so that's probably um...
My Sweet Three year old Daughter thinks she is the Queen of the Kingdom
Didn't get to see Madonna this year
Dexter has only 2 episodes left for the season

The Iffy's=
Might have cut hair too short for the winter
Might have enough money saved by Summer for trip to Costa Rica or Mexico (it's a flip depending on the outcome of my mom's adventure)
Might have a working shopping cart by the New Year
Not sure I even like Madonna's latest album, but she's still a hot blonde
Must NOT over spend for Christmas so we can save towards renovations (by god I am giving this house the 10 year limit, been here 6, in 4 I am out, damn it... besides there will be no land left around us by then with all this growth... Good for profit, Bad for Vescha's sanity)