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Wife's responsibility

Ok. So I am not going to preach at anyone about this, but I hate hearing some of the shit that comes out of women's mouths.
It takes all kinds of women and men, husbands and wives, not every standard of living is the same, people have different
views for this, and different morals. I am not old fashioned and I am not traditional by no means of the definition. However,
I do feel that as a wife, it is my responsibility to take care of my man in the way that I know to do. I don't always cook, but I
do clean (too much and too often, really, but that's the OCD), I don't clean up after him, I don't do his laundry. I do however,
support his emotional needs and his desires. I cuddle him when he needs it, I let him quit his job and didn't scold him over
the fact we lost thousands because of that. What I have learned is that when you have been a stay at home mother, and the
man works his little heart out and to the rawness of his finger tips in 20 degree weather in high winds on top of a 15 million
dollar estate, is to not wear the man out. For every trip to the mac makeup counter I take, I know he's got to work an extra half
hour-1.5 hours so we keep saving the money we want. For every trip to Starbucks, it's  another 15 minutes on the clock. We got
it down to a science, I tell you. But what I am trying to say is that, 20-30 bucks here and there adds up each month, and when
you have three kids, and a house with bills in renovation, or if you want to just save money and not live pay check to pay check
never having the money to make the repair on the car you didn't figure in to the monthly budget, the man spends his time working
over time, away from home, away from his kids and wife, and it puts the biggest strain on the family. Especially when the wife
is the spender in the family and the whiner about not having enough time with her husband. Ugh... I could just hit the girl in the
mouth who bitched about the fact her husband worked Saturday and they didn't get time together, he was tired on Sunday from
working a 50 hour week, because she goes on a spending spree and used the bill money. Hello, common sense. Or hello,
self discipline. Now, there are some men in this world who will never say anything to their wife about putting them in debt and
working their dicks in the mud. But, to me that is old fashioned. I think that a man should let his wife know how hard he is working
to keep up with her habits. I can't stand a pussy man. And I will be the first to tell you, that mine stood up to me when we were
in our twenties and was like what the fuck are you doing woman? LOL. I was oblivious until good ol genius broke it down on
paper for me one day, and I was like well, I'll be damn, look at that, looks like I got a vicious bugger of a habit no doubt. LOL.
Not once did he ever tell me to get a job, I took that on myself, and I would have been ecstatic had he told me to get a job, because
I don't believe that men are here to take care of us, and that's why I am in school, to get a degree, to make my own money, throw it
in the pot for us too, but ultimately in the end, when you have a husband like mine who's going to work himself over, wear himself
out on his own, men don't last forever, they get injured, they get sick or in my mother's case they die early. And thank god she's
got a degree and works at the Children's Hospital, because how in the hell would she maintain everything she acquired in that
27 year marriage?
Shut the fuck up, you fucking gold diggin cunt.
And on another note...
Oh the hypocrisy I tell you... What fucking rock did you come out from under? Tell me please so I can shove you back and give it a good kick... So I read about this chick who is upset over the fact that her ex husband married his lover, but yet, she was known for years to live a polyamorous life style, fucking girls and guys, which to my understanding is the reason why they even broke up at one point... I think someone might be a little psychotic because I could of sworn that there has been some other random bull shit twisting of some truths
come out of this chicks mouth in the past. Wow...

And now I resume my conversation with Mrs. Amaretto Syn...