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Aumgn Guede

She's digging up the Graveyard...

Tau Vescha.Sur
22 January
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I'm a Vodoun practioner, an intiate in a magickal order, a Thelemite, ordained, and a Bishop in a Gnostic Vodoun and Apostolic lineage. I have been a magician for over 10 years. I reside in Georgia's back country. I am also a photographer and a retro/alternative model. I have been using my art as a means to enlighten people around the world of Light, Life, Love, and Liberty. I began my photography in 2000, have had two websites, the recent one, is soooo long outdated, but it is still up for now until it is revamped. But it has NO new content on it because I have devoted my path to creating a magickal child with my husband, which was born October 2, 2005. We first performed this ritual in 2004, which was published via Adam and Eve productions, which is for sale through Adam and Eve. The title is Alternative Worldz, Ron Royster was the Director and Producer. Since then, my path took a large turn towards the Vodoun and recently "hoodoo" or "rootwork". That of course is a long story in itself, and then I birthed my ebay store. http://stores.ebay.com/Sacred-Vescha-Conjure. Right now, it is still growing and I have not quite promoted it, but it's complete, and has many things already listed. My spells for others have been quite successful. I am still working the path I always have, enlightening others to Light, Life, Love, and Liberty, and the Lwa I work with today, have shown me another method to reach many more seekers. I hope it will be much success, to teach others and guide others, has been a true passion and a true curse in more ways that I couldn't explain all here...